Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment in Wheaton, IL

Getting older comes with a variety of changes and can include slight changes in memory, however, progressive memory loss is not considered a typical part of normal aging.

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common type of dementia, accounting for up to 80% of dementia cases.

Dementia is a term used for a group of symptoms that include:

  • Memory Loss
  • Loss of Visual Perception
  • Difficulty with Communication
  • Trouble Focusing or Maintaining Attention
  • Impaired Reasoning and Judgment


Dementia is a disease where the condition gets worse over time due to damaged brain cells. If other symptoms begin to appear, such as visual-spatial problems, personality changes, or unusual behavioral responses, it could be an indication of Alzheimer’s disease.

At Forum Health Wheaton, we are aware that being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease is a scary time for you and your family. While there is no cure for this disease, recent advances in treatment options such as the Bredesen Protocol can help delay the onset of some symptoms and restore some types of functioning for a period of time. With the right combination of treatment, you can still look forward to a future spending with family and friends. We can help you get your Alzheimer’s Disease under control and get you back to enjoying your life.

Watch Dr. Montalvo discuss her approach to memory loss


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