Digital infrared thermal imaging is a technique of imaging the body using a heat sensing thermal camera.

Thermography provides information on the root-cause of cancer and can detect the growth of cancer cells prior to tumor formation without involving breast compression or radiation.

The heat patterns radiated by the body are examined to look for patterns that may indicate the causes of breast pain or problems with breast health which could lead to the development of pathology over time.

Digital infrared thermal imaging detects changes in physiology in the body and is therefore different from standard digital mammography. Thermal imaging has the added benefit of being non-contact (no breast compression) and passive (no radiation exposure).

Hormone Therapy and Thermal Imaging

In addition to recommended standard mammographic imaging. Utilizing thermographic screening, we can detect early changes in the breasts that may be related to hormone use or other environmental factors. We may recommend natural treatments or changes in hormone therapy to improve breast health. The earlier the concerning findings are detected, the earlier changes can be made to improve breast health which will lead to a better outcome.

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  • On the day of your thermal imaging do not apply lotion, cream or powder to the body.
  • Do not apply make-up to the face if imaging of the head and neck is desired.
  • Do not apply antiperspirant or deodorant on the day of the imaging.
  • No exercise, massage or tanning within 24 hours of thermal imaging.
  • No hot drinks, hot or spicy food within 1 hour of thermal imaging.
  • Do not do thermal imaging if you have a sunburn the day that you are scheduled for imaging.
  • Please wait at least 6 weeks after breast surgery before doing thermal imaging.
  • Thermal imaging is not very sensitive during pregnancy, but it is safe to do during pregnancy.

Digital infrared thermal imaging is not covered by insurance. The fee for the imaging session, the reading of the images and a report which is sent to you is $150. Initially we like to do 2 scans 3 months apart to establish your normal baseline which is used for future comparisons. We have a package deal for the first 2 scans of $250 if paid at the initial visit.

You do not have to be a patient in our office to do thermal imaging. You may make an appointment with us to discuss the thermal findings and options for treatment if desired.

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